Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying a product I always do extensive research. I had so many questions I wanted to be answered. I wrote them all down for you. Chances are you have the same questions.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my Healy Device?

A: Healy is made in Germany and transported to a warehouse in Utah. Because of the distance, the enormous success of Healy in the USA, and some shipping issues because of COVID, it takes about 3 weeks to get your Healy. 

Q: What if I try Healy and don’t like it, what can I do?

A: You can try your Healy for 2 weeks. When you don’t like it you can return the Healy. You have to send a ticket to Healy within these two weeks stating that you want to return your Healy. Healy sends you the information on how to return your Healy and you’ll receive your money in return. No questions asked!

In the USA the 2 weeks return applies to Customers only. In the rest of the world, this applies to Customers and Healy World Members.


Q: Healy comes with a two-year warranty. If my Healy breaks after the 2 years’ warranty, do I need to spend the whole purchase amount again?

A: Don’t worry. The frequencies are the most expensive part and they are in the Cloud. So you only have to change the device.

Q: Frequencies, that is micro current. Does that hurt?
A: When you use the Healy with electrode cords there’s microcurrent sent through the cords. You may feel a slight tingling. Or you don’t feel anything. You can adjust the intensity to what is comfortable for you. 
When you use the Analyser App that comes with the Healy Resonance device, there is no micro current. These frequencies are sent in your energyfield (aura). 

Q: Speaking of Aura. Is this some woo woo device?
A: Healy is awesome! In Europe some applications are even medically certified (class IIa).
Frequency therapy was already used by Rife, Tesla and Einstein. It’s over 100 years old. 

Most physical and emotional discomforts are caused by earlier ‘trauma’s. Imagine you have a headache. This headache is caused by something. Maybe you had too much stress. Maybe it’s hormonal. Maybe there’s another reason. Healy Resonance can analyse it for you and tell you what frequencies you need. And give you the frequencies of course.

Q: Why should I order the expensive Healy Resonance instead of one of the other versions?
A: Every Healydevice helps you to support your wellbeing. 
The more extensive the device, the more specific are the programs for several discomforts. For instance: eyes, liver, immunesystem, concentration, electrosensibility, chakras.
In addition the Healy Resonance contains several homeopathic frequencies: Bach Flowerremedies, Australian Bushflowers, Schüssler salts, Amino acids (+vitamins and minerals), Materica Medica (homeopathic herbs), Alaskan Gem elixiers, I Ching AND a complete aurascan. These give strinking information which themes are the cause of your discomfort. 
While reading the information you already may feel a shift in your energy. You’ll may get insights that you never had found yourself. 

After analysing what themes are going on you send yourself the corresponding frequencies.

A very practical reason for buying the Resonance instead of one of the other devices is that you don’t have to use the electrode cords with the Resoance. It gives you more freedom of movement while using your Healy. And I love that. No cats biting in the cords, no hooking at whatever furniture or doors.

But the most important reason for me for having a Healy Resonance is that Healy tells you which program you should use. With the other devices you have to choose your program yourself. So when your knee hurts, probably you will use a Pain-program. Healy Resonance might tell you that your knee hurts because of some fear issue. Knee and fear are related. So maybe Healy Resonance will suggest a Rootchakra program, a relax program, a release program or a meridian program for kidneys.
That is so unique!

Q: Healy Resonance is no option for me. Don’t you recommend the others?
A: They all work. Even the  basicversion. It’s name is Healy Gold because it contains 144.000 very usefull frequencies. Even I use the Gold frequencies daily.
It’s possible to buy an upgrade later. So you can start with a less expensive version.
But I think it’s good to know: upgrading costs you more than buying a Resonance at once. In my team there’s the saying: at the end you do want to have a Resonance. 

Q: Can mijn smartphone handle those Appes?
A: Any smartphones from Android 4.4 or Iphone from iOS 9 will do. You do need free memoryspace and a stable wificonnection.

Q: Wifi? More electromagnectic current?
A: Using the programsgroups with electrode cords: You upload a program from the Cloud into your Healy. That costs 1 to 30 seconds.  And then you can turn the wifi off. The programduration is 20-60 minutes.
Using the Resonance programs you should leave the wifi on. But these programs only take 1 to 3 minutes.

By the way: there is a Healy program called electrosensibility to release electrosmog from your body. It’s in the programgroup Protectionprograms (from Healy Holistic Health Plus and up).


Healy and its programs are designed and used to harmonize the body, harmonize the organs, harmonize the mental state, harmonize emotional and soul well-being and as protection and optimization of your cells. Healy gives you personalized insight and awareness into learning the lessons of the chakras, balancing the meridian system, alleviating discomfort and helping and supporting to cleanse and purify the mind, body and soul.

Healy is a wearable holistic wellness device, used to balance the bodies bioenergetic field and to activate your self-healing abilities

Q: How often do you have to use your Healy?
A: You run a program upto 3 times a day. The duration of a program is between 20 and 60 minutes.
The programs that you use cordless with the Healy Resonance can be used more often and their duration is much shorter: 1 to 3 minutes.

Q: Does it take much time to start the Healy before a session?
A: No, just tap a few times in your app, make a bluetooth connection between your Celphone and your Healy and it works. Also good for you if your not a wiz-kid.
Rember to always close other apps before using your Healy and ofcourse you need wifi.

Q: The Healy Resonance doesn’t use cords. But how does Healy know which frequency you need?
A: You make a fingerprint on the App while holding the Healy in your other hand. In this way your energetic field will be scanned. When you do a remote session for someone else, you use your own finger while tuning in on the other person, her name and her birthday. 

Q: Sounds nice, but now I want to see it. And FEEL it!
A: Watch these HealyWorld videos on Youtube  Filmpje 1 en Filmpje 2
And watch my own videos HERE.

Q: I see 4 versions in the shop (look here), a lot of accessories and a range of separate programgroups. What do I need?
A: you choose a Healy version. When you choose the starterversion, the Healy Gold, you may choose one separate programgroup for free.  

Q: I think it’s a lot of money.
A: Healy starts at 505,36 euro. De other versions cost 1013,76 euro, 1522,16 euro and the Healy Resonance is 2538,97 euro. All including VAT. And yes, that’s quite an amount of money. But think this: Healy can be used in your whole family. We (Saskia) are a 5 persons household. When we shoud visit the acupuncturist, homeopath, bioresonancetherapist, fysiotherapist etc 2 times a year we would spend much more than 500 euro. Also count medicins.
When you are an enterepeneur you don’t have to pay the taxes.
And it’s also possible to start with the starterversion Healy Gold, or Healy Holistic Health and buy an upgrade later. In this way you can spread your expenses.

Q: What do you advice: become a customer or a member?
A: Even when you don’t intend to sell Healy’s yourself, I recommend to become a Healy World Member. At this moment it’s FREE. And when there might be charged a fee in the future, you always can change your account to customer.
So why become a Healy World Member? You get access to al lot of documents and video’s on the Healy website with many information how to use your Healy. 
And….  you won’t be the first person who said not to sell Healy’s. When your friends see you with your Healy, they want one too.
With your Member-account you have a partnerlink you can give to your friend, so she can buy a Healy herself.

Q: you talk about selling Healy’s.
A: That’s not quite correct indeed. You don’t sell Healy’s. You recommend Healy, give your partnerlink and the person orders a Healy at HealyWorld using your partnerlink.

Q: So when I buy a Healy, I use your Partnerlink?
A: That’s right. Click the purple button to order right now. Do you have any questions, send me an email: saskia@timeforhealing.nl

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